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Emulsifying wax can be used in the production of aqueous creams and ointments it is sold primarily to the personal care and pharmaceutical industries it is  a white waxy solid with a very low fatty alcohol odour.

Kerax emulsifying wax is based on primary fatty alcohols and neutral emulsifiers, and is readily emulsified in water and in various aqueous solutions. It is manufactured with high purity and consistency in mind which makes it especially suitable for the manufacture of creams and ointments.

Kerawax EW is manufactured to meet the requirements of BP monogram and has been developed for use in the preparation of pharmaceutical emulsifying ointments and penicillin cream bases. It is also suitable for general use as an oil in water emulsifier for pharmaceutical and toilet preparations and ointments not included in the BP or other official recipes.

Being virtually neutral, it has no action on perfumes, aromatic oils or most medicinals and a wide range of substances may be added to emulsions based on it without interfering with their stability. Vegetable oils and fats, mineral oils and greases may also be emulsified with it and the addition of acidic substances such as salicylic acid and boric acid does not interfere with the properties of the emulsion.

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