do we offer?

Defeathering waxes are used for removing the feathers from poultry.

Kerax is able to offer a range of products that can be adjusted to suit the application, the efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness of the wax is key to selection.

Our Kerawax 508 blend is particularly suitable for the de-feathering of ducks and geese.

Over the previous few years the demand for specific formulated blends has increased, Kerax will work with major users to develop bespoke solutions.

Our flexibility in being able to offer bespoke solutions, customer focus, solutions led thinking and industry leading standards ensure you receive the right product for your requirements everytime. For those customers who prefer to blend their own products we can also supply a range of food grade microcrystalline waxes and paraffin waxes.

We will always find an answer to a challenge.

For further advice please contact the Kerax sales and technical teams.