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Kerax manufacture Ceto-Stearyl Alcohol cream bases to BP/EP specifications. Further development of the conventional CS alcohol has resulted in a blend of alcohols which conform to the standards but which have a formulation designed to improve the heat stability of the finished product. This reduces the problems of separation of the oil/water phases of the cream at higher storage temperatures.

Kerax can supply fatty acids, fatty alcohols and esters for use in the personal care sector. Fatty acids such as Stearic acids are available in standard and high purity fractions with excellent colour and low Iodine value specifications.

Fatty alcohols like Cetyl, Stearyl, CS alcohols and Emulsifying wax can be blended and supplied in a wide range of compositions to suit most formulation requirements. These custom blended products can then be spray cooled on our finishing plant and filled into any type of packaging and net weight requested.

Kerax can supply the typical ester components of personal care formulations, such as Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate in addition to PEG, pentaerythritol and sorbitol esters.

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