do we offer?

There are 4 natural wax container blends and two hydrocarbon wax blends offered by Kerax

Working with leading manufacturers the Kerax technical team have worked tirelessly to bring to the market a comprehensive range of waxes for the container market.

Our blends are formulated to offer high performance burning and flame quality as well as superior adhesion to the container - simply discuss your requirements with our expert sales or technical teams and we will help guide you to the right product.

Over recent years there has been a growing demand for natural and reduced carbon footprint raw materials. Kerax has a portfolio of natural waxes that are from responsible and certified sources - your guarantee of quality and ethics.

We believe that no other wax supplier offers any where near the range of natural waxes for candles than Kerax, giving your business unrivalled choice in the natural wax market.

Our sales and technical teams are glad to offer advice and assistance in development and production wherever possible.