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Elastomers which are unprotected will absorb ozone from the atmosphere forming ozonides by the attack of double bonds on the surface layer. When the elastomer is under tension the ozone absorption becomes continuous, as a result, surface cracks may form. When the tensile strain exceeds a critical value the cracks grow continuously, the crack rate of growth is directly proportional to the ozone concentration.

Kerax carefully formulate the hydrocarbon wax to enable it to migrate to the surface of the rubber, whereupon it:-

Creates a thin, inert film that acts as a barrier to the ozone. The film barrier is non-crystalline and flexible Moves the chemical agents (anti-ozonant) to the surface; Helps prevent water soluble rubber chemicals in stressed items to wash out.It should be noted that temperature is one of the critical factors determining the wax performance. The combined effect of temperature and the composition of the wax will determine the overall efficiency of the wax in providing ozone protection.

There are other waxes that can be used as processing aids and mould release materials in many elastomeric compounds.

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