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About Kerax Candle Wax Blends (Paraffin)

As the UK's largest wax blender Kerax is unique in offering a comprehensive service to the Candlemakers. We offer a full range of paraffinic waxes, ranging from low melt point through to high, hard materials through to soft.

To back up our unique UK capability we are the ONLY wax blender to have over 600 tonnes of bulk storage for wax, 3 pastillator machines, 4 slabbing presses and 3 powder towers - all of this capability means that we can offer you the highest level of service.

Our ability to blend to your exact specifications ensure your precise wick requirements are met.

Why not take a look at our range of natural waxes as a viable alternative or complimentary wax blend to our extensive range of paraffin waxes.

To discuss your wax requirement or to find out further details about our range of products or bespoke blending service please contact us

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Moulding, Pillar

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