Kerawax 456 (63/66)

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About Kerax Paraffin Wax

If you want the highest quality with the most competitive prices then Kerax Paraffin Waxes are the ones to choose. They are fully refined and are white, odourless and tasteless, with an oil content usually under 1.0%.

A comprehensive range available in melting points from 42°C to 68°C, the harder waxes are available in pellet, powder and slab form.

Paraffin Wax offers excellent protection and water barrier properties making it ideal for coating cardboard and paper especially for the food industry. Due to its ability to blend with a variety of wax based products it forms an essential ingredient in polish, cosmetic and candle manufacturing.

Product Specification

Product Code
Congealing Point °C
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt
Penetration @ 25°C, dmm
25 - 30

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Kerawax 456 (63/66)

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