Keragel ECOSYN is a high quality synthetic product which does not contain any traditional wax ingredients; It has been developed and formulted with the following purpose in mind:

The REDUCTION in watering of the equestrian surfaces in those parts of the world where water availability or cost prohibit the widespread consumption of this precious commodity. Keragel ECOSYN is designed to very significantly reduce the amount of water consumption by treating the suface to provide a consistent going.

Keragel ECOSYN can also be used to put flexiblity in to a surface in extreme low-temperature applications. Keragel ECO is typically, light tan in colour and has a low odour.

Please note: Kerax is not a synthetic surface manufacturer and cannot provide finished surfaces. Kerax provides only the surface treatment.

For more information about Keragel ECOSYN please call our product specialists on 01257 237 350.

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