Keragel ECOMAX is a high quality synthetic product which does not contain any traditional wax products; It has been developed and formulted with the following purpose in mind:

The ability to make an all-weather synthetic training and racing surface that is not containing traditional waxes previously used in this application. It offers the surface builder and the surface operator the choice of an all-weather surface but with the very latest synthetic product technology to provide the highest levels of consistency, reliablity and going. Keragel ECOMAX has a congealing point in the range of 85°C (180°F) with a melting point of around 100°C (212°F);

Keragel ECOSYN can also be used to put flexiblity in to a surface in extreme low-temperature applications whilst offering high-temperature performance. Keragel ECOMAX is typically, light tan in colour and has a low odour.

Please note: Kerax is not a synthetic surface manufacturer and cannot provide finished surfaces. Kerax provides only the surface treatment.

For more information about Keragel ECOMAX please call our product specialists on 01257 237 350.

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