The Acquisition and History of EcoSoya by Kerax Ltd.


100% Natural, Vegetable Candle Waxes.


In 2019 Kerax Ltd acquired EcoSoya and brought the formulations and manufacturing to the United Kingdom.


For over 50 years, Kerax has been committed to sourcing and manufacturing sustainable materials to reduce our impact on the planet. When searching for renewable vegetable waxes, we met Natures Gift International (NGI). NGI started research on EcoSoya waxes in 1992 with the goal of creating high performing all-natural waxes. Much like Thomas Edison in searching for the right filament to make a light bulb, NGI tested and developed countless materials and processes to produce their EcoSoya soy waxes. Kerax and EcoSoya were natural partners due to our mutual vision of a sustainable future.

Due to the depth of our partnership and the shared view of the future of candle waxes, Kerax took the initiative to acquire EcoSoya. This complemented our existing natural wax range and enabled us to manage the production and quality of the EcoSoya vegetable-based waxes.

Since this acquisition, Kerax’s in-house chemists, reformulated the waxes to improve performance and built-up the EcoSoya range by adding brand-new, high-performance waxes derived from soy, coconut and olive. These 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable candle waxes are some of Kerax’s most popular products and are available globally.