Kerax are committed to sustainable manufacturing and reducing their carbon footprint


Kerax are undertaking a major refurbishment of two of our warehouse facilities at the manufacturing site located north of Manchester. The project involves replacing approximately 1,500 square meters of an ageing single skin roof with a double skin, fully insulated structure. This is a significant investment for Kerax and represents confirmation of our commitment to manufacturing in the North West. The extra insulation will transform the temperature stability within the two adjoining warehouses, making it cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter. Additional transparent areas in the roof will increase the natural light levels in the warehouse, improving visibility and therefore safety of fork lift truck operations. Greater utility of natural light will reduce the dependency on electrical lighting with the beneficial downward pressure on energy bills.

A significant additional upgrade to the roofing project was the decision to install a large solar panel array on top of the new structure, taking advantage of the south facing aspect to reduce our carbon footprint. The new array will produce a peak electrical output of almost 200 kW and an estimated 156 MW hours of renewable electricity every year. During sunny periods the power generated will exceed the demands of the factory and the surplus will be exported onto the grid for use by homes and businesses in the local area. Financial support structures put in place by the government mean that the new solar array makes good commercial as well as environmental sense. This has turned a necessary building refurbishment into an opportunity for Kerax to reduce our carbon footprint, open up a new revenue stream from selling electricity to the grid and most importantly, to complement our aspiration to offer sustainable chemical solutions to industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

Sustainable manufacturing warehouse