Royal Wedding Candles


Excitement has flooded the nation as May is the month of the Royal wedding. HRH Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle on the 19th May, the wedding is an exciting time for many in the UK and we are especially excited as the candles being made exclusively for the wedding are being manufactured by Hampton Sloan using Kerax wax. Kerax is extremely proud that our wax has been used to make the candles and we will be looking out for them as we watch the wedding on the television this Saturday.

The candles are being made using Kerax Kerawax 4105 Candle Wax. Kerawax 4105 Wax is a paraffin based blend, specially formulated for container candles. This product is very popular in the candle industry and is used by many big brands. The wax is popular for its excellent scent throw and its user-friendly properties.

It provides excellent container adhesion, with minimal shrinkage, delivering an excellent finished appearance in clear glass.

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