PLASWAX – Recycling Plastic Material

PLASWAX™ products are manufactured in the UK by Kerax from repurposed plastic material otherwise headed to land-fill, incineration or our oceans.

Kerax PLASWAX™ will enable forward-thinking, progressive and environmentally aware companies to swap out certain traditional mineral hydrocarbon waxes for PLASWAX™. Working with Kerax (as the UK’s only large scale wax blender) companies can move toward a circular use of raw materials that will benefit the environment and reduce the demand for landfill and incineration. Where possible this may be done by substituting part or all of your current wax requirements into PLASWAX™ or blended waxes containing PLASWAX™. As a result Kerax will be able to offer simple ‘drop-in’ wax replacements that are using PLASWAX™ technology or we can work with you to formulate in as much PLASWAX™ as possible.


Speak to your Kerax representative to register your interest in Kerax PLASWAX™ and be notified when samples are available.