Natural Waxes and Container Candle Blends


We have been busy improving the service and products we can offer to the candle maker. In our newsletter we have set out some of the improvements:-
1. Two container blends Kerawax 4100 and 4105 released for ‘open’ sale.
2. Kerawax 4600 moulding and pouring wax.
3. Soy container and pillar blends continue to sell well.
4. Rape and Palm waxes for containers and pillar candles.
Firstly, let’s start with the container blends Kerawax 4100 and 4105. These have been developed to offer superior performance in the jar, whether that is adhesion or burn quality. Available as a stock item in pastilles.
Then, we have Kerawax 4600, this is a moulding and pouring wax that has been introduced to complement the candle blends we have. Great mould release and super surface finish, if you are moulding or pouring candles then this is the one to look at.

Our natural Soy waxes are making an impact on the market – if you buy EcoSoya CB135 or similar products then call us for a quote. To compliment our Soy wax range we have two additional natural wax products – a rapeseed based wax and a palm based wax, both are available for container or pillar candles – if you would like a sample for evaluation then please complete our on-line enquiry form. Be assured that ALL our natural waxes are from responsibly managed resources.
At Kerax we say “we’re in the business of selling wax”, that’s why we’ve got 4 full time chemists and two development laboratories. These things – and more – separate us and allow us to claim that not only are we the largest wax blender in the UK, we are also the leading supplier as well.
Who else can offer you this commitment?