New formula creates cleaner burning candle


Wax blending specialists Kerax have produced a candle formula which not only burns cleanly with a soft warm light but is also environmentally friendly.

Managing Director Ian Appleton said: “We created Kerax Soy Wax from pure, natural soybean oil which is composed of non-petroleum, renewable resources. This wax burns crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow. And as an added benefit, helps promote the growth and care of our environment.”

Kerax Soy Wax processing starts with soybeans from which the oil is separated. The oil is then purified and goes through a process called hydrogenation which raises the oil’s melt point, changing it from a liquid to a solid at room temperature.

Ian continues: “Depending on the wax, we incorporate the finest botanical oils available. Finally, all Kerax Soy Waxes go through a further stage of processing to overcome natural variations in soy and the polymorphic characteristics of soy crystallization, resulting in a more stable, balanced soy wax.”

All Kerax Soy Wax is made from soybeans with exacting consistency from batch to batch. To ensure this consistency the wax undergoes an average of 75 laboratory tests. Unlike many other vegetable or soy waxes on the market, Kerax Soy Wax is 100% vegetable, guaranteed!