Kerax launch new emollient base cream (Technijell 4930)


The daily use of shower gels and soaps can reduce the skin’s layer of natural oils leading to dry skin and possibly exacerbate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Emollients are ever increasingly popular as moisturising treatments which are applied directly to the skin’s surface, offering a protective barrier and reducing water loss.

At Kerax we manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of petroleum jellies covering a vast range of applications for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care sectors. 2015 sees the launch of the Technijell 4930, a new addition to our petroleum jelly product line. Technijell 4930 is a simple blend of highly refined liquid paraffin and petroleum jelly.

The benefits of using the Technijell 4930 as part of your formulation are:

• Ready mixed base of liquid paraffin and petroleum jelly.
• Just add your raw materials to the base cream or use the blend as is.
• Enhances slip.
• Leaves a silky soft feel.
• Aids in moisturising dry skin.
• Helps to soften and protect cracks on the skin.
• Acts as a carrier base cream for raw materials to be applied to the skin.
• Ideal for skin care and baby care products such as ointments, lotions and moisturising creams.

At Kerax all our products meet stringent quality requirements and can be used with total confidence; we are regularly audited by the major pharmaceutical companies and are approved for the manufacture of materials for use in ointments, creams and

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