Candle Manufacturers Visit Kerax


This time last week Kerax hosted an open day for many of our Candle Manufacturing customers. The day provided an opportunity for customers to visit the Chorley plant and see how the waxes for their candles are developed, manufactured, tested and despatched. Having so many manufacturers at all scales of Candle production in the same room proved to be an excellent forum for discussions about industry developments and all things Candle related.

The day began with a presentation on meeting Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) requirements by Kerax’ own Chris Bradley. Chris outlined the key points of the requirements and shared his insight into dealing with the requirements based on his own experience addressing the requirements laid down in the European Regulation for the Kerax product range.

The next talk was presented by Oliver Walker from French Colour and Fragrance Co. Oliver introduced French Colour and Fragrance Co and gave an insight into how they as a company are dealing with the CLP requirements and the steps that they are taking to collaborate with Candle manufacturers to make it simpler for them to assess their products to meet the new EU Regulations.

After a spot of lunch, whilst half the manufacturers were taken on a tour of the Kerax site, Adrian Fisk delivered an insightful presentation looking at the future of wax followed by another presentation by Clare Tighe detailing the latest developments happening in the industry right now.

The site tour allowed the manufacturers to see how the wax Kerax supply is manufactured. Graham Parker, Commercial Director led the tour pointing out key areas of the manufacturing process and stopped to explain how the pastillator and new flaking machines are used to offer wax in different forms to suit the applications required by Kerax customers.  Gavin Ithell, Technical Manager was on hand to demonstrate some of the tests performed on the waxes to ensure quality and consistency.

Overall the day was a big success and the feedback very positive. The knowledge gained by all, including Kerax will be very valuable as manufacturers work to meet the CLP requirements and continue to develop and grow their businesses. Kerax are always keen to work with their customers to develop knowledge and move the industry forward and so are exploring the possibility of making this open day an annual event, if you are interested in attending please get in touch.