Ian Appleton

CEO - Kerax Limited

With 25 years in the petro-chemical industry, my expertise in the wax business is based on solid experience with four international oil companies.

Since the mid 1980’s I have been working with companies such as Mobil, BP, Castrol and German Refiners H&R Wasag. Over this time I have progressed through a range of roles and markets by providing total commitment and dedication to the high standards required in those highly regarded businesses.

From 1986 to 2002 I worked in a variety of positions in lubricants, culminating 1999/2000 in helping to re-establish the new UK Lubricants business for BP (following the dissolution of the Mobil-BP European JV). After that I worked in BP Global Strategic Marketing as Global Marketing Manager responsible for the development of Agricultural and Distributor lubricants.

Early in 2002 I entered the ‘wax world’ and have been captivated since.

In 2002 I joined BP Global Special Products as European Asset Manager, responsible for sales of waxes, aromatic extracts, base oil, blended waxes and wax emulsions. When this Special Products Division was sold off in 2004, I went on a two year secondment from BP to the buyers, H & R Wasag AG.

After 2 years of excellent working with H&R, I then realised a lifelong dream by buying the UK wax blending plant from H&R, returning the business to its historical name, Kerax, in July 2006.

Since then we have gone on to build our business by working with customers and suppliers in providing high quality blended waxes with great service as well.