Chris Bradley

Managing Director - Kerax Limited

Following a degree sponsored by the MOD studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, I joined the family chemical trading company, Oleotec. My interest in manufacturing resulted in the purchase of an industrial site in which we developed a range of bulk storage, blending, spray cooling and chemical synthesis processes. The industries served ranged from animal feed, plastics processing, chemical synthesis, candles, food and pharmaceuticals. The business was focussed on natural waxes and esters manufactured from a wide range of vegetable oils sourced from all over the world. Innovation of products and processes featured very highly in the success of the business.

In 2008 I joined Kerax in a consulting role, but was quickly drawn to the challenge of helping to build the rapidly growing business and took up the position of Technical Director in 2009, responsible for Quality, Development and Engineering. The focus of my attention was the formulation of new products and processes with aim of introducing natural waxes into the Kerax portfolio. The aspiration being to move towards a sustainable wax supply chain for existing applications and also to give novel characteristics to products thereby improving their performance.

It was my pleasure to take on the role of Managing Director of Kerax in July 2014. I am responsible for guiding the business through a period of considerable expenditure in new plant, equipment and infrastructure, giving us an upgraded and expanded manufacturing facility to serve the business as it continues to grow.