Adrian Fisk

Sales Consultant - Kerax Limited

For the last 35 years I’ve worked in the oil industry for Mobil & BP mainly in technology and refining, also planning, sales & marketing, HR & HSSE. Prior to joining Kerax I ran my own specialities company.

Most of my career has been involved with waxes and special products; initially developing products, then scheduling refinery operations and finally marketing products.

Ian Appleton and myself worked closely in BP Global Special Products and I am delighted to be working with him again at Kerax.

I’m married with 2 children. In my spare time I’m secretary of the DOES angling club and manager

of the Hooter’s roller hockey team. I’m also a keen golfer.

As a consultant, I advise the company on all aspects of marketing with regard to the promotion of refined petroleum products.

In this way we ensure our clients are as successful as possible in the marketing of their products so, success goes hand in hand.